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Saturday, September 6

Stargazing and Star Talk with Michael Lennick

Writer/Director at Foolish Earthling Productions.  Produced the series "Rocket Science" seen on the Discovery Channel.



 "The Lonely Moon"


45 years ago, humanity set foot on the moon. Three and a half years later we stopped going and haven't been back since.  The obvious question is why. Filmmaker and space historian Michael Lennick takes a lively look at how and why we went the first time, and how, why and when we'll return.

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Throughout our regular season, we hope you'll join us for an evening of telescope observing, space crafts, space talks and tours. On program nights we check out a wide variety of celestial objects, including the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and more.

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The David Dunlap Observatory is home to a wide range of public viewing nights, special events and educational programs. Visiting the 23-ton Great Telescope is an awe-inspiring experience. 

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